Session Times & Prices

At Carbis Bay Nursery are mission is to be as flexible as possible to suit your family needs.

Our opening hours are,

  • Monday 8am-4pm
  • Tuesday 8am-4pm
  • Wednesday 8am-4pm
  • Thursday 8am-4pm
  • Friday 8am-4pm

Our aim is to make our sessions as flexible as possible which is why we offer a range of sessions.

  • 8am-1pm
  • 9am-2pm
  • 8.30am-3.30am
  • 8am-4pm

We also welcome extra hours, for example if you needed an 8am-3pm

All sessions are charged at £4.50 P/H

Throughout the half terms and holiday’s we offer a holiday club for children up to 8 years old.

🌿🌻 Introducing Carbis Bay Nursery Toddler Sessions 🌻🌿

We are pleased to be offering dedicated toddler sessions. These sessions will be aimed for children who are aged 2 and under.
Your child would be able to attend a small 3 hour session designed and led by our qualified practitioners in our calm and welcoming home like environment.

Our aim for the younger children is to allow them to explore the nursery setting and socialise with other children in the blended aged environment. Your child’s session would be based around both indoor and outdoor play with lots of opportunity for sensory and messy play activities.

Our toddler sessions will be run each morning and afternoon.